MagnaColours gains edge with new ink

By Richard Stuart-Turner, Tuesday 23 January 2018

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Water-based textile inks supplier MagnaColours has launched a new ink to facilitate easier printing of multi-coloured designs on to light- or dark-coloured garments.


MagnaPrint Edge stays wet on screen but dries instantly when applied to fabric

MagnaPrint Edge can print on garments, whether wet or dry, without the need for numerous flash units in-between.

The company said that, by reducing the need for flash units, the Edge range helps to cut costs and increase productivity and efficiency. The ink stays wet on screen, but dries instantly when applied to fabric, providing one of the performance benefits of plastisol inks, without the harmful chemicals.

MagnaColours managing director Helen Parry said: “Edge supports our quest to transform the preconceptions of water-based inks, and the effects and finish that they enable screen-printers to achieve.

“Water-based inks have come a long way in recent years and our Edge ink is testament to that. Magna’s range provides the same, if not better-quality, results than those achieved using harmful chemically based products.”

Edge is said to provide an even coverage and soft-touch finish, with garments printed using the range being highly durable due to the ink’s elasticity and “superb” wash performance.

Ready to use as a one-pack ink, Edge is also said to benefit from rapid curing in one minute.

The Edge range, which comprises MagnaPrint Edge Neutral and MagnaPrint Edge Opaque, has just received its show debut at the ISS Long Beach decorated apparel expo, held in California over the weekend.

MagnaColours aims to provide environmentally sustainable water-based alternatives to the chemical-based inks that are widely used throughout the screen printing industry.

In November, the business added the MultiChrome Pearl and Invisible Ink ranges to its portfolio. Earlier in 2017 it had developed the GNA mark, a new eco-friendly standard for water-based inks used in textile printing.

MagnaColours’ inks are available in the UK through the company’s distributors, MHM Direct GB and SSIS.

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