Barbieri debuts latest spectrophotometer tech

By Rhys Handley, Monday 13 November 2017

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Italian manufacturer Barbieri has unveiled its latest spectrophotometer, the Spectro LFP qb.


The new qb technology comes with a variety of fresh capabilities

Available from last month, the spectrophotometer is comprised of three components – the Spectro LFP platform, the spectral unit and the sensing unit. It is priced at €9,000 (£8,000). 

Complete with Barbieri's qb technology for high-end LED illumination and a precision spectral core, the technology is a further development of the Spectro LFP Series 3, which is still available.

“Our new qb model is a real revolution, not just an evolution,” said Barbieri vice-president of international sales and marketing Wolfgang Passler.

“It is ideal for companies with several large-format or flatbed printers, those who print both offset and digital, and any who work in high-end, niche markets such as textiles, ceramics or glass printing.

“The new spectrophotometer combines the latest colour measuring technologies with innovative methods of illumination and comes with both tried and tested features and new features and applications, which open up a whole world of new possibilities for the user.”

The 'plug and play' machine's main features include a new measurement mode for reflection and transmission, a removable measuring head for measuring spot colours, a camera-supported sensing unit and the ability to measure fluorescent inks.

Passler said interest had been high among the company’s existing UK customer base, including those who wish to upgrade from a previous Spectro model and those looking to invest for the first time. 

Features carried over from previous models include a measuring aperture of 2x6x8mm, reflective measurements, transmissive measurements and the ability to measure on media up to 20mm thick.

While the machine has only recently been released, Passler indicated further updates were incoming as the sensing unit “has huge potential for new applications”. He described the LFP qb as “a platform on which step by step new developments and features will show up”.

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