Kimjaya shows mercury-free doming resins at Fespa

By Richard Stuart-Turner, Friday 12 May 2017

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Kimjaya is focusing the advantages of its mercury-free doming resins at Fespa.


Kimjaya's products are crystal clear, weather-resistant and non-yellowing

The firm said its polyurethane materials, which are manufactured and imported from US partner Development Associates, are compliant with the latest REACH regulation 848/2012, which is set to restrict the use of mercury in doming resins from October this year.

The products are crystal clear, weather-resistant and non-yellowing and the firm said many of its mercury-free materials require no degassing or ovening and cure at room temperature. The resins are also said to have a very low reject rate.

Kimjaya partner Alain Jorand said businesses doing doming now need to look for a mercury replacement.

“Traditionally, mercury was used in doming resins because it’s the most efficient catalyst to have A and B react together without bubbles or issues. But the European Union has strengthened its regulations against mercury and it is being phased out.”

He added that anybody using any existing doming equipment can use the firm’s mercury-free material, which is supplied in drums, with no need for additional equipment or investment.

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