Katz shows new and upgraded boards at Fespa

By Richard Stuart-Turner, Friday 12 May 2017

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Katz has unveiled a new metallic substrate and an upgraded version of its outdoor material at Fespa.


Katz is showing new and upgraded products at Fespa

Both products, which are available immediately, are part of the company’s Katz Display Board range.

The firm said its metallic substrate, which adds a silver metallic effect to applications, is an eco-friendly product that can be used for high-quality interior design and window dressing. This board can be printed and finished on both sides.

“It cuts and creases very well and has therefore got a wide range of applications and opportunities,” said Katz UK managing director Garry Hobson.

The company’s weather-resistant outdoor material, which was originally launched last year, has been updated with an improved surface. This recyclable substrate has a lifespan of around 12 weeks.

Katz boards consist of wood and starch mixed with water. The firm said the technique it uses to laminate the material with paper is chosen to ensure that the substrate can be recycled as standard wastepaper after use.

The products can be used as an alternative to conventional laminated composite boards made from metallised polyester or mineral oil-based foam board and PVC signage.

“If you look at large companies that want signage, they have sustainable visions. Some companies have a date by when they want to eliminate plastic, for example, and that’s where we come in,” said Katz product development manager Scott Treick.

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