Onyx Graphics releases Onyx 12.1

By Richard Stuart-Turner, Friday 13 January 2017

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US-headquartered software developer Onyx Graphics has launched Onyx 12.1 software, the latest version of its wide-format print workflow and RIP product.


Manwaring: "We specialise in helping companies increase their manufacturing productivity"

The software builds on Onyx 12, which was shown in Europe for the first time at Fespa Digital last year, by offering accelerated speed and performance, a simplified user interface, enhanced automation and advanced finishing tools.

Onyx 12.1 is available for the full Onyx software product line including Onyx Thrive workflow, Onyx ProductionHouse, Onyx PosterShop and Onyx RIPCenter RIP software.

Highlights of Onyx 12.1 include the ability to process more files in less time with a full 64-bit platform for RIP and applications, with speeds that Onyx said can improve a user’s profit margin by as much as 30%.

On average, processing times in Onyx 12.1 are three times faster than in Onyx 12 for halftone processing. Data transfer speeds to many grand-format printers are also up to three times faster.

Onyx said users can also achieve a higher level of colour consistency across multiple devices with integrated G7 correction, verification and iterations, making it easier to match colour and build output consistency.

Additional automation tools also help to eliminate bottlenecks and save time while enhanced tiling, combined with other job preparation tools, is said to enable a wide variety of print applications.

Onyx 12.1 also improves device support including QR codes in Zünd Cut Center and support for additional colour devices from Konica Minolta and X-Rite.

“Onyx plays an important role in streamlining the process of industrial production using inkjet technology,” said Onyx Graphics director of product marketing Bryan Manwaring.

“Supporting a wide variety of print technologies and managing digital printing onto a variety of substrates, Onyx remains critical in the industrial printing process.

“We specialise in helping companies increase their manufacturing productivity through providing the ability to digitally print across a variety of substrates including wood, metal, textile, ceramics, plastics and more.”

UK Onyx distributor ArtSystems, based in Nottingham, said pricing for the Onyx 12.1 software, which is commercially available immediately, ranges from between £1,570 to £8,000 depending on the specification required.

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