Duplo boosts multifinisher range with new Multigraf

By Darryl Danielli, Tuesday 16 August 2016

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Duplo has added the Drupa-launched Multigraf Touchline CPC375 to its product portfolio to broaden its range of multifinishers aimed at light- to medium-production environments.


The 6,000sph CPC375 opens up higher volume applications

The Swiss-built CPC375 features lengthways and crossways cutting, positive and negative creasing, and continuous or ‘timed’ lengthways and crossways perforating, with up to four perfing heads for crossways operation.

Due to the CPC375’s dual tool module mount and cross knife in conjunction with lateral rotating longitudinal knives, it can perf, cut and crease in a single operation.

“It adds another level a functionality to the Multigraf series of machines, and with its deep-pile feeder option its better able to cope with higher volumes,” said Sarah Crumpler, marketing manager at Multigraf’s UK distributor Duplo.

Like all Multigraf machines the CPC375 is a modular unit. As standard it comes with a vacuum conveyor for inline operation or can be configured with the new Mistral universal stacking feeder for offline working.

The 6,000sph CPC375 can handle sheets from 105x148mm to 370x1,200mm in weights from 80-300gsm for perforating or up to 400gsm for creasing and cutting. It features ultrasonic double sheet detection as standard.

It is targeted at applications including vouchers and coupons, tickets and reply cards and like the rest of the Multigraf family of devices, it complements Duplo’s own range of higher specification DC multifinishing machines.

The CPC375 is available for order immediately from Duplo and its dealer channel and, dependent on configuration, prices start at around £60,000 for the standard unit or circa £70,000 for the CPC375 with Mistral feeder.

“The Touchline series of machines are growing in popularity and this latest addition is only going to broaden that appeal into higher volume applications,” said Crumpler.

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