Ferag offers new line for tailored inserts

By Jurg Marti, Sunday 05 June 2016

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Ferag has premiered its collating and inserting line EasySert, which compiles advertising inserts into recipient-specific collections at Drupa (Hall 15, D25).


The EasySert line produces advertising products with content tailored to individuals

Each collection is designed to contain advertising messages tailored to the recipient’s individual shopping habits. This will provide department stores with an opportunity to target customers with relevant advertising messages.

The EasySert line allows the collation of up to 40 different inserts. According to Ferag, the system is capable of producing a maximum of 30,000 units per hour.

Another new development presented by Ferag at Drupa is its collation line One2Out. Up to 41 inserts can be collated for one end product, or 21 each for two end products. Any insert can serve as a jacket, which is folded inline and placed around the insert collection.

The feeders can operate in split mode, where the same insert is distributed on two feeders. In addition, they are able to take on a back-up function, where the back-up feeder automatically takes over if the first one fails to feed in the insert.

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