Pongs launches new textile products at Fespa Digital

By Richard Stuart-Turner, Monday 14 March 2016

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German textiles technology company Pongs has launched a range of new products at Fespa Digital that are suited for use as visual aids for merchandising and events.


Pongs has launched a range of new products at Fespa Digital

The manufacturer has premiered Softimage Lightbox, a new fabric designed specifically for backlit applications that the company said has “outstanding properties” for digital printing and is particularly suited to high-resolution printing of sophisticated images.

Also new is DirectTex Artist Mambo, a dye-sublimation product for the backlit materials segment that the company said features “excellent light diffusion properties”. The woven fabric product is said to be creaseless and nearly white-mark free.

The business is also showing a recently launched acoustic fabric called Silencio, which it said is developed for the architectural market and is the first three-dimensional optical textile in the world.

Pongs print media sales manager Sebastian Tens said: “The sound absorption market is very big. This material can be used for acoustic panels and wall and ceiling systems.”

These products are all digitally printable up to a width of 5m and available in rolls of 50m long or 100m long for flag materials. They are suited to all ink systems.

“Fespa is very important for us and this is the third time we have come. Most customers we have seen are asking for backlit materials for backlit applications and interior design. The textile market is growing a lot,” said Tens.

Pongs also used the show as an opportunity to look for new distributors.

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