Riso releases ‘world’s first’ A2 digital duplicator

By Richard Stuart-Turner, Thursday 11 June 2015

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Inkjet printer manufacturer Riso has launched what it claims is the world’s first A2 digital duplicator, the Riso A2.


The Riso A2 can be used to produce forms, letters and broadsheet newspapers

The Riso digital duplicator, which is available to order with immediate effect, also allows for 4-up A4 printing. A3 had been the previous largest paper size for printing on digital duplicators.

Riso UK product manager Mike Murphy said: “There are a number of different markets for this machine. Commercial printers could use it because a lot of work that is currently being done on A2 machines could be done on a much simpler device like our own and much more quickly and cheaply.

“The machine is not suitable for variable data but it lends itself to applications including forms, letters and broadsheet newsletters and newspapers.”

As the machine uses a master and there is no pre-press preparation or click charge, the printing unit price is lower than using a digital printer when a large number of copies is required.

“Once you absorb the cost of the master, then you just divide it into how many prints you're doing. The more prints you do from that one master, the cheaper it becomes,” said Murphy. 

The master is created by sending a file from a connected PC to create an image by means of tiny heat spots on a thermal plate which burns holes in a master sheet that correspond to the artwork shape.

The master sheet is then wrapped around a drum and the ink is forced through the holes onto passing sheets at high speed to create each image on the paper. Each master sheet has a minimum expected lifespan of 2,000 prints.

The Riso A2 has a makeready time of 60 seconds and can print one colour at a time, 21 standard colours available and customers can also custom order additional specific colours, subject to a minimum order quantity.

The simplex device prints at 600dpi and at speeds of 60, 80 or 100 sheets/min, with the slower speed options aimed to give users a greater level of control over paper delivery when printing on lighter stocks.

The machine can handle a maximum print size of 634x432mm and can be used with a range of uncoated stocks from 46-120gsm.

Riso UK managing director Tatsuo Murakami said: “With the new A2, we have pushed the boundaries and are continuing to challenge the norm.

“This latest addition will open up yet more revenue streams for those in the print and graphics industry who want to offer more to their customers.”

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