Xeikon launches 'Cheetah' high speed label press

By Simon Nias, Wednesday 10 September 2014

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Xeikon has launched a new high-speed digital label press, the Xeikon Cheetah, which is over 56% faster than its current equivalent, the Xeikon 3300.


Xeikon's Cheetah runs at up to 30m/min, 56% faster than the Xeikon 3300 (19.2m/min)

The Xeikon Cheetah, which will be commercially available in 2015, has a maximum web speed of 30m/min (depending on media thickness) at 1,200pi, giving it a maximum printed output of 594sqm/hr.

Patrick Van Baelen, vice-president of worldwide marketing at Xeikon, said that the "increase in speed represents a huge leap forward in digital press technology" and that it was "difficult to overstate the importance of this advancement".

He added that a beta program for the 330mm narrow web press, which will be priced between the 330mm Xeikon 3300 and the 516mm Xeikon 3500, would start in January 2015.

The Xeikon 3300 and 3500 both have a maximum web speed of 19.2sqm/min, giving them a maximum printed output of 380sqm/hr and 594sqm/hr respectively (owing the wider web on the 3500).

The Xeikon Cheetah will use Xeikon's low-temperature ICE toner technology and have the same 5/0 simplex configuration as the Xeikon 3300.

Both presses feature full rotary printing with a variable repeat length from 0-55m and the same media handling capability, from 40gsm to 350gsm.

Xeikon said that the new press, which features a true print resolution of 1,200x3,600dpi, would be dedicated solely to self adhesive/pressure sensitive label production.

Standard toner configuration will be CMYK plus white, but the fifth station could also be used to print gamut expansion colours (including red, green, blue, orange or extra magenta) or security toner.

"The Xeikon Cheetah is a significant breakthrough for high-capacity production" said Van Baelen. "It's a tremendously exciting time for Xeikon, as well as for the digital label printing market."

He added that all inline finishing devices available from Xeikon today, such as Dcoat and Rewinder, would be able to handle the top speed of the Xeikon Cheetah.

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