Flint Group Narrow Web launches EkoCure UV flexo adhesive range

By Simon Nias, Friday 15 August 2014

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Flint Group Narrow Web has launched a range of UV LED-curable adhesives under its EkoCure brand.


Flint Group has added UV LED-curable adhesives to its EkoCure range

The EkoCure UV range includes pressure-sensitive adhesive, lamination adhesive and cold foil adhesive and complements Flint Group's existing EkoCure UV flexo and screen inks.

According to Flint, the new flexo adhesives are the first commercially available adhesive products to have been specifically designed for UV LED curing.

Flint Group said the benefits of UV LED curing were both economical and environmental and include: lower energy costs; reduced maintenance; no mercury bulb replacement and disposal costs; greater ability to run heat-sensitive materials; ozone and mercury free.

Flint Group added that the range had been validated for use under commercial production conditions.

The consumables manufacturer is also offering to develop bespoke UV LED adhesives to meet customers' needs.

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