CyanX targets mailer market with aqueous sealing tech

By Jo Francis, Tuesday 06 May 2014

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An innovative aqueous pressure-seal coating is generating “colossal” interest for European distributor CyanX.


Eco-seal: applied using standard anilox coater

Eco-seal is used widely in Asia.

CyanX managing director Richard Mawson said billions of mail items were produced every year there using it, and described Eco-seal as being “the standard” in Japan, where the coating technology originates.

It can be used to produce items such as one-piece mailers via an inline or offline anilox coating unit. The coating sticks to itself, and only itself, when folded and pressed, creating a sealed product that can be peeled apart by the recipient.

The peel-apart action only works once, so it is also tamper evident. Mailers producing with the coating can be recycled through normal channels.

Eco-seal costs around £36 a kilo.

“It is dramatically cheaper than the insertion fees and envelope costs involved with a conventional mailing, and it also means people can save huge amounts of paper,” Mawson stated. “There’s a colossal amount of interest in it.”

The coating is already being trialed by a number of customers.

“We’ve got some very big interested parties in it, throughout Europe,” he added.

Guiseley-based CyanX sells a range of pressroom consumables and accessories including the Green Frog anti-marking jackets. 

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