Promail adds iMM polywrappers to range

By Pamela Mardle, Thursday 28 February 2013

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Promail has added the iMM i6 range of polywrapping machines to its reseller arsenal after signing an exclusive UK distribution agreement with manufacturer International Mailroom Machines (IMM).


The iMM i6 Compact measures 9.7m in length

Promail sales and marketing director Daran Hanson said that he had been approached by Leeds-based IMM a few months ago and found that their products filled a niche in Promail’s existing range and the wider production market.

He said: "We’ve always offered wrapping systems but there was a gap in the market for mid-range machinery at a cost that is more affordable in a market where people are not necessarily going out and buying new products.

"These are brand new smaller to mid-range volume machines built around the production marketplace and aimed at mailing houses or printers wanting to offer polywrapping alongside other services as opposed to very large wrapping houses that would only entertain running production kit 24/7."

He added that the iMM i6 range, which consists of Compact, Flexi and Maxi configurations, is capable of processing 15,000 to 500,000 runs, but was better suited to those smaller customers wanting to get into the polywrapping market or looking for a secondary machine to other similar systems.

The quick changeover times and ease of operation are the iMM’s most attractive features, Hanson said, alongside the £65,000 to £105,000 price range depending on configuration.

The iMM i6, which was launched in 2011 soon after its UK manufacturer Mailroom Machines formed, has a top operating speed of 7,000 packs per hour, and the Flexi system can handle sizes up to A3 at a thickness of up to 50mm.

Hanson said that Promail was expecting its first delivery of the machines shortly, in time to showcase the range, along with its other systems from manufacturers such as Morgana and Pitney Bowes, at its Northampton showroom throughout April.

The open house will run for up to 6 weeks Monday to Friday, Hanson said, to ensure that smaller groups of visitors can get the most from their tour with full attention from Promail’s sales staff.

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