Esko extends mobile and Braille support in WebCenter 12

By Gordon Carson, Wednesday 07 November 2012

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The latest version of Esko's WebCenter online packaging management platform will allow customers to access files at any time from their Apple iPhone.


Esko has added iPhone support to the existing iPad support in WebCenter 12

The feature in WebCenter 12 builds on a similar capability for iPads previously introduced by the Belgium-based supplier of pre-media technology.

WebCenter 12 also highlights alterations made in the approval process by blinking or displaying the intensity of variations.

In addition, Esko has teamed up with Global Vision to enable customers, through WebCenter 12, to scan and verify content in Braille on pharmaceutical packaging.

Jijo Dominic, Esko’s product manager for web solutions, said the Braille verification feature, which could also be applied to barcodes, was very important because "problems in packaging design that result in regulatory action or consumer complaints predominantly originate from errors with barcodes and text".

WebCenter 12 also includes an asset management system with a customisable graphic user interface that allows different members of the supply chain to browse assets in the most relevant way.

So, while a brand manager might browse by brand and product hierarchy, the printer can browse by print-related search terms. "Customers can effectively set their own classifications for easy retrieval," added Dominic.

Esko said that more than 100,000 users worked with WebCenter every day, and the new features would help them in their search for "ways to differentiate themselves from competition".

Meanwhile, the "on the go" capability for the iPhone would "enable the sales team to get updates on the progress of a job before visiting a customer".

Esko said WebCenter 12 would also help customers to manage the "proliferation of product variations driven by mass-customisation and personalisation".

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