Overmatter: Fool’s errand

By Jo Francis, Monday 01 April 2019

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Eagle-eyed readers will note the significance of the issue date on this edition of the magazine. Yes, it’s April Fool’s Day!


Let the hilarity commence, while, like Overmatter, always bearing in mind that one person’s idea of a ‘hilarious’ story can be another person’s lawsuit. 

Thanks must go, then, to Coactive Events which put out a cheeky press release about the latest London venue for its local Newtech shows. No less than the State Ballroom in that big posh building at the end of The Mall in London, Buckingham Palace.

“We are very grateful to our family connections in Greece and Germany for their help in securing this prestigious central London venue,” quipped the organisers, who also advised that exhibitors should “please mind the carpet” while lifting their equipment up the main staircase. Presentations, meanwhile, would take place in the Throne Room. 

“Visitors to Newtech Buck House will be greeted by the Scots Guards and escorted by various footmen and batmen up the main staircase to the main Reception Room where they will have a choice of Guinness or fizzy water,” which is a nice touch. 

We’re especially amused that at least one journal of the ‘press release cut and paste’ variety posted it as a genuine news item. 

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