Overmatter: mini museum

By Jo Francis, Monday 18 February 2019

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Looking for the perfect pressie for the printing dweeb in your life? If you have around $1,000 (plus shipping) to spend then we might just have the answer.


Seattle-based printing history specialist Glenn Fleishman, who originally trained as a typesetter in the 1980s and later became a graphic designer, has set up a Kickstarter project to produce a limited number of at least 50, and up to 100, editions of ‘The Tiny Type Museum & Time Capsule’

This miniature marvel is described as “a celebration of type and printing, and an effort at preserving history for future generations to re-discover.”

Glenn says that each tiny museum will contain a set of historical artefacts and modern hand-made and mass-produced elements, including a book, Six Centuries of Type and Printing, which he is writing for this project and which will be printed by letterpress, as well as various pieces of type including a custom Linotype slug with your own message. 

Each mini museum will be unique in some way. Glenn was more than half-way towards his funding goal with two weeks to go (the deadline is 1 March). If you decide to splurge, be sure to let Overmatter know. 

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