Overmatter: On-site insight from Insite

By Jo Francis, Tuesday 29 May 2018

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Overmatter bumped into this cool dude at the recent Fespa expo, where Insite Graphics celebrated more than a decade of on-site stand exhibition graphics production.


Insite co-founder Chris Berrisford

Fespa Berlin back in 2007 was the show where the London-based firm began offering the service, in a move that originally came about by chance. 

“We literally didn’t know anything about it when we started off,” company co-founder Chris Berrisford tells Overmatter. “Over the years we’ve got a lot of people out of a lot of holes by being able to produce graphics on site.”

The firm’s setup includes a Canon imagePrograf iPF8400 printer and a GCC plotter. The kit is transported to event locations in bespoke travel cases, which also double up as a work bench and cutting table once the Insite team is in action on-site.

“There are lots of technical reasons for using the Canon printer, including the fact that we can transport it without any ink issues,” Berrisford said.

“It’s a tremendous machine and really is a sturdy piece of kit – we have the newest version now, but we’d still have our original model if one of my colleagues hadn’t managed to let it tip over during transit!” he quipped.

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