Overmatter: tie fighters

By Jo Francis, Monday 23 October 2017

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Overmatter is very well aware that this industry scrubs up very nicely, very nicely indeed, and there is of course no better opportunity to show off a bit of finery than at the PrintWeek Awards.


Greg Bentley's Coca-Cola tie

On such an occasion there is, by definition, rather less opportunity for chaps to show their fashion-forward individuality when constricted by a ‘black tie’ dress code. 

That said, white tuxedos, velvet jackets, and of course kilts, have made an appearance over the years. 

At this year’s event, custom bow-ties were on-trend. Coca-Cola’s Gregory Bentley was wearing a bespoke, hand-made bow-tie in black with a red lining, that – you guessed it – when untied draped seductively in the shape of the beverage giant’s iconic bottle. We’re in absolute awe of the stitching skills involved in such a creation. 

Meanwhile, Timon Colegrove of Hunts went for something even more outré – a shaped bow-tie made of solid wood, secured with fabric to create the ‘knot’. We’re not entirely sure how this was achieved, or whether Timon’s tie was FSC certified, but it certainly made an impression.

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