Overmatter: stay classy

By Jo Francis, Monday 22 May 2017

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Regular readers of PrintWeek’s ‘From the Archive’ page (see inside back cover for this week’s delectation and delights), will be aware that in the past some printing industry supplier promotions were very obviously targeted at a largely male industry, and involved a superabundance of scantily clad nubile young women.


Overmatter thought that such promos had bitten the dust along with ‘platemate of the month’ and stag boxing nights back in the last century. But no. Visitors to the recent Fespa exhibition in Hamburg were treated to the sight of a pole dancer in hall A1, on the stand shared by Labate & Co, Multi Plot Europe, and Heatjet. 

Apparently female visitors were just as keen on the spectacle as the hordes of chaps who crowded nearby aisles at pole dance o’clock. Apparently.

Indeed, for visitors who found themselves inspired by these gyrations to take in the local delights of Hamburg’s Reeperbahn, the stand was also offering a practically perfect giveaway – condoms bearing the message “We care about your safety”, to be used, as the chap giving them out put it “for the dangerous nights”.

For once, Overmatter was speechless.

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