Two Sides revamps consumer campaign

By Rhys Handley, Monday 16 September 2019

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Two Sides is relaunching its consumer-facing Love Paper campaign in order to increase public accessibility to myth-busting facts on print, paper and paper-based packaging.


Three key messages will lead out the refreshed Love Paper campaign

Love Paper was originally launched in 2012 and refreshed in 2016, with advertising space in newspapers and magazines donated by publishers.

The latest relaunch refocuses the campaign with a new look, as well as a consumer-focused website which will move audiences away from Two Sides’ own, more industry-oriented resources to more accessible facts and figures to combat negative perceptions on paper.

Country manager Greg Selfe said: “The big thinking behind this campaign was how we can differentiate the consumer campaign from the industry resources we have provided previously. Our ads encourage readers to the Love Paper website.

“For the public, it can be quite difficult to decipher the resources on the Two Sides site and it is also hard for us to know which visitors are coming from Two Sides campaigns and which from Love Paper.

“Our first batch of ads will focus on three topics: false perceptions on forest growth, myths about the recycling rate of paper and also the use of renewable energy to manufacture paper. These are all topics that the majority of UK adults continue to misunderstand.”

According to Two Sides’ latest survey from earlier this year, 63% of European consumers believe incorrectly that European forests are shrinking in size when they are actually growing by an area equivalent to 1,500 football pitches each day.

In the survey, four fifths of consumers were unaware that paper and paper-based packaging have a high recycling rate of 72%. Further, the Love Paper campaign will also stress that 60% of energy used to produce paper in Europe comes from renewable sources.

Selfe said his ambitions for the campaign would see consumers encouraged to “share positive stories” about paper, while improving Love Paper’s outreach into magazines and the B2B publication market to access retailers and marketers.

Reach is among the campaign’s publishing partners, and adverts are set to appear in regular editions of the Daily Mirror, the Times, the Evening Standard, the Daily Mail, the Sun, the Financial Times and more.

“We are delighted to support the Love Paper campaign,” said Reach chief operating officer Neil Jagger. “Our industry and suppliers are very focused on environmental sustainability and we are achieving a high degree of success. By supporting Love Paper, we are helping to educate our readers that paper is an environmentally sound choice for reading.”

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