Vism supports growth with new hire

By Richard Stuart-Turner, Tuesday 27 August 2019

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Project management software developer Vism has taken on a new client engagement manager to support its continued growth.


Ivanovici: "Vism genuinely saves companies time and money"

Izabella Ivanovici, who started in the newly created role last month, was previously a senior recruitment consultant at Taylor Higson. She specialised in the sign and graphics industry, with a particular focus on the areas of client services, studio design, production and installation.

Vism founder Dan Tyler, who also previously worked in recruitment, said: “I’ve been aware of Izabella for a little while. An ex-colleague of mine was subsequently her colleague and connected us and we met a couple of years ago at one of the trade shows.

“She then heard that we were on the lookout for somebody and got in touch and it moved quite quickly from there.”

He added: “Because we recruited in quite a similar space, albeit with me leaving recruitment a couple of years before her, I suspected that we might have a similar network and set of contacts.

“But actually we had very little overlap and she’s brought a wealth of new contacts for us to get into, particularly around signage because a lot of my focus has been on the graphics and wide-format print business side.

“Izabella has settled in brilliantly; she just gets it straight away, understands the issues and the challenges the businesses in the industry face and how this product helps them to solve those issues, and she’s totally embraced it.

“I continue to be really proactive in terms of sales but it is allowing me a little bit of capacity to maybe look at slightly longer-term or bigger picture stuff and think about some of the partnerships that we’ve started developing with different people and some of the projects that we have in the pipeline.”

Vism now employs six staff, all based remotely, with Ivanovici working from Manchester.

She said: “I am very much looking forward to developing this role, which is to engage with people across the sign and graphics industry and increasing awareness of the product and the benefits it can deliver.

“When I first came across Vism, I could see this was something the industry has been crying out for and immediately recognised its value and potential.

“Vism’s key strength is that it genuinely saves companies time and money by providing a smooth, easy-to-use solution to the installation process, which is a common challenge for the industry.”

Businesses that have installed the Vism system include Wahooti, VGL and Macroart.

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