Horizon Digital Print Solutions in Durst spend

By Richard Stuart-Turner, Friday 17 May 2019

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Horizon Digital Print Solutions has bought a fully-automated Durst Rho 1312 printer with a Smart4 speed advancement tool that improves speed and productivity by 40%.


Gillen (second left): "The partnership we have with Durst has been very strong"

The Dublin-based business already runs two other Durst machines – a P10 250 HS and an existing Rho 1312, and delivery of the new flatbed is expected in around four weeks.

“The partnership we have with Durst has been very strong, we’ve gone through a transition at Horizon in the last 10 years and Durst has been a major part of that. We’re not the type of people who want to fix something that’s not broken,” said Horizon sales director Tony Gillen, after signing for the machine at Fespa, which is being held at Messe Munich, Germany until Friday (17 May).

Additional to the 94-staff company’s kit portfolio, the press will primarily be used for POS though Gillen added “it also gives us an outdoor option”.

“We’ve just expanded – we’ve moved into a factory one down from us so we’ve now got two factories 10 yards from each other, which also helps with regards to disaster recovery planning.

“We have dipped our toe in the UK a little bit but market-wise we’re pretty well spread across all markets in Ireland, from pharma to advertising, retail and exhibitions – it’s very broad.”

He added the machine would “increase capacity significantly” and that its consistency ensures there are no colour variations from the Pantone spectrum.

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