Fujifilm invests in workflow resource

By Jo Francis, Wednesday 20 June 2018

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Fujifilm has beefed up its workflow team with the addition of two new recruits from rival Kodak.


Edkins (left) and Williams: considerable workflow expertise

Tony Williams and Mike Edkins have joined the set of specialists headed by solutions support manager Stuart Blackham, taking the number on the team to nine.

“We’ve expanded the workflow team and taken on extra resource to support our Jet Press installations,” Blackham explained.

“Workflow will become more and more important to our customers – it’s more important than ever for businesses to be able to automate their systems and reduce costs, and we want to help customers realise the full potential of the tools they’ve got. Mike and Tony bring considerable expertise to their new roles."

Williams worked at Kodak for 17 years, and Edkins for eight years.

Blackham said Fujifilm was also planning a fresh push for its Elara newspaper workflow system over the coming 12 months.

“It’s a significant part of our portfolio and we’re putting additional resources behind it,” he added. “With XMF and Elara, and our associated wide-format workflow using Colorgate, we have a solution that over-arches above everything.”

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