Packaging veteran launches consultancy firm

By Rhys Handley, Monday 11 December 2017

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Former Müller head of packaging Haulwen Nicholas has launched a new consultancy to help packaging firms with environmental viability.


Nicholas is the former head of packaging at Müller

Launched last month, Packaging Oracle is Nicholas’ latest project since leaving Müller in June and will address the need to make packaging work for a circular economy, reducing waste and promoting reuse.

Formerly an advisor for resource efficiency group Wrap, Nicholas has kicked off her new venture by entering into projects and collaborations with environmental agencies. She will begin talks to work with large retailers and brands in the new year.

“I got to take the summer off for the first time since I was 14, which was wonderful,” she said.

“Now I am refreshed and ready to hit the ground running doing good work in the sector.

“One thing I am aiming to do is show packaging manufacturers that environmental concerns do not need to get in the way of innovative solutions, or vice versa. Both can work in harmony to improve packaging for the companies and the consumers.

“Working within a single company you tend to be bound to their arguments, but what I hope I can do in my position is act as a mediator and facilitator for honest discussion across the industry on ways that we can improve the sustainability of packaging.”

Nicholas believes she can help to clear up a “lack of understanding” in the industry on circular economy needs, which has so far led to significant attention stressed on plastics and the environment, while she hopes to push sustainable design and delivery of packaging across the entire industry.

She has a degree in environmental biology and recently completed a certificate in circular economy design. She is working with the principles of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation to support converters, brands and retailers in the UK with packaging strategy development.

Outside of environmental consultancy, Packaging Oracle also provides services such as advice on management of operational changes, facilitation of industry and business meetings, training on customer interaction for suppliers, and bespoke packaging training.

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