Luescher-Tschudi upgrades flag printer

By Rhys Handley, Tuesday 07 November 2017

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Luescher-Tschudi has released an update for the software that drives its Raptor 320 textile printer that enables it to handle heavier substrates.


The Raptor 320 software update is available for retrofitting

Last month, the Swiss manufacturer finished developing a software update for its newest launch, the Raptor 320, which allows it to print on textile flag materials at up to 160gsm with a 100% colour guarantee.

The Raptor 320, which was shown for the first time at Fespa on UK-based L&M Imaging Systems' stand, was initially capable of printing on material weighing up to around 110gsm, with heavier substrates proving challenging to print on as too little ink is usually applied for proper penetration at a passable speed.

The 160gsm software update will come as standard with all new Raptor machines and is available for free retrofitting to all pre-existing customer machines. 

“Increasingly, customers demand a more robust material thickness,” said Luescher-Tschudi salesman Thomas Schweizer.

“Although these stronger textile materials guarantee a considerably longer service life in the outdoor area, they have the disadvantage that ink can hardly penetrate through the fabric during inkjet printing and therefore the printed image on the back of the flag is significantly paler.

“Together with our Swiss partner company Fahnen Tschudi, we have developed an optimal technical solution in their textile and flag print production facilities to effectively eliminate these known printing problems.”

Through UK distributor L&M, the Raptor 320 is available for £95,000, with sales director Derek Hillyard saying that although there had not been a UK buyer yet, he had a “long list of leads” from Fespa. The 3.2m-wide Raptor is equipped with eight-colour capability using Konica Minolta industrial printheads.

The machine pairs with the Therminator 320, a roll-to-roll fixation unit debuted at the start of 2017 alongside the Raptor and available for £49,000. The Therminator replaces Luescher-Tschudi’s Quickfix Neo and “takes 30% off the price”, according to Hillyard.

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