Domino boosts label printer workflow

By Max Goldbart, Thursday 13 July 2017

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Domino Digital Printing Solutions has introduced a number of updates to its new Digital Front End version 2.0 (DFEv2.0) for its N-series digital colour label presses.


DEFv2.0 in its new iteration will be showcased at Labelexpo

The DFEv2.0 was given its soft launch at the start of the year and began shipping in February but a new iteration, which includes a number of additional updates, will be showcased for the first time at Labelexpo, Brussels, taking place from 25 to 28 September.

Domino product manager Simon Howes said there are two fundamental improvements that have been made since v2.0 was first released, with the most important being to the Esko front-end code base component.

The code base has been upgraded to bring in full-colour variable-data printing (VDP), with a new layout, new colour management software and new ripping abilities. Files are now passed automatically from the Esko front-end component through to the new screener.

“It is a significant improvement in terms of VDP,” said Howes.

“We have true VDP, full colour available, supporting PDF files as well as multi-page PDFs. There is a significant feature enhancer in there in terms of workflow processing time, both Esko components and the ScreenPro components have had an improvement and we also ship with a significantly more powerful server platform."

Howes said that when testing a 5,000-page PDF with two VDP data areas, a process that would have taken eight-and-a-half hours now takes just over an hour.

The other main improvement is to the DominoScreenPro screener, which has had its speed and quality improved, running in line with the Esko component and combining several processes into a single JDF workflow. 

“Some of our competition have an Esko front-end so it’s not unique in that sense but it’s how it’s used in combination with the press and other components for the workflow,” added Howes.

“We are absolutely at the forefront of total speed with ScreenPro, so while anyone else can take Esko v2.0 improvements and put them on a faster server, they wouldn’t get anywhere near close to our processing time.” 

Around 10 N-Series printers in existence before v2.0 was launched have been upgraded, with another 10 to 20 having been installed with the new workflow since it was launched. Software updates to incorporate the additional improvements will be implemented immediately after Labelexpo.

Last year, Domino Printing Sciences launched its Ax-Series of continuous inkjet printers. 

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