Grünig turns 50, launches small-format CTS device

By Max Goldbart, Friday 12 May 2017

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Screen printing kit manufacturer Grünig (A4-B20) is celebrating its 50th anniversary at this year’s Fespa and its SignTronic division is launching a new Computer to Screen (CTS) machine.


Grünig chief executive Marcel Grünig

The family-run business celebrated the milestone at an exclusive event on Tuesday night (9 May), which was attended by Grünig founder Hans-Ulrich Grünig, who flew in from Switzerland in order to be present. 

“The success of such a small company on this high level is due to being part of a great team,” said Grünig export manager Hanny Gerber.

“The contradiction between living in the countryside, being a family company, and then the next day we have to go and install a machine in China, in Brazil... This is something that drives us all.”

On stand, Grünig is showing the new SignTronic StencilMaster STM-Micro CTS machine, launched at Fespa. Grünig acquired SignTronic in 2013.

The STM-Micro, which costs €140,000 (£118,000), is intended for small-formats of printing screens, up to a maximum size of 880x880mm. It exposes in resolutions of up to 3,040 dpi, and at speeds of between 3sqm/min and 6sqm/min (1,270dpi). 

SignTronic technical sales manager Michael Ose said: “It is based on the same technology as any StencilMaster, quality wise it is not any different to the larger models, it’s just semi-automatic so manual screen loading and unloading but an automatic exposing process.”

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