Tharstern all set for PrintWeekLive!

By Richard Stuart-Turner, Monday 06 March 2017

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MIS developer Tharstern, one of the headline sponsors of PrintWeekLive!, will demonstrate the latest modules of its MIS software at this week’s inaugural show.


Tharstern managing director Keith McMurtrie will deliver a workshop on value-based pricing at PrintWeekLive!

The company will show visitors to its 36sqm booth how they can integrate their hardware and software into one automated workflow.

It will be demonstrating three new modules for its MIS software, including Business Intelligence, which the firm said is a smarter way for decision makers to view their MIS data, uncover hidden trends and identify new opportunities.

The other new modules are Advanced Imposition, which enables inexperienced users to quickly plan and create complex impositions at the click of a button, and Courier Integration, which allows users to initiate and track shipments through external courier companies, or manage company delivery vehicles.

Tharstern marketing manager Amanda Newman said: “We started promoting these new modules in November last year and they’ve been available for release since the end of January this year.

“The modules were requested by customers; we make sure that any developments we do are based on feedback we get from surveys, user events and those sorts of things.

“They wanted two main things: a better way to gang and do more complex impositions, so they can save money or quote a cheaper price to the customer, and the ability to use the MIS more to get the KPIs out of it.”

The firm will also be talking to customers at the show about what they can expect from Version 6 of its MIS software, which is set for release at an as-yet-undetermined stage later this year.

Tharstern managing director Keith McMurtrie and pre-sales consultant John Murphy, who was taken on last year, will be delivering a workshop each at the event.

McMurtrie will be talking about the benefits of taking a value-based pricing approach to estimating while Murphy will explain more about the strengths and weaknesses of the JDF standard.

“We’re excited to be part of something that is about improving the industry as a whole and helping the companies within the industry,” said Newman.

“We know that all our customers read and really value PrintWeek and when we were approached about the event we wanted to get involved right away.

“We know that PrintWeek always takes an educational approach and that the exhibition will do the same thing and that very much fits into our philosophy as well.”

PrintWeekLive! will take place on Wednesday and Thursday this week (8 and 9 March) at Coventry’s Wasps Arena.

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