Clickar first to launch augmented reality web-to-print

By Max Goldbart, Friday 10 June 2016

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Spanish-based Clickar is showing its new Lala print product at Drupa, which it says is the first web-to-print programme with augmented reality.


From left: Clickar Mexico partner Carlos Grimaldo, Clickar joint chief executive Josep Sanchis, Clickar joint chief executive Rafa Domenech and Marti

While it has been working with augmented reality concepts for eight years, the new web-to-print programme allows users to scan images with their phone or iPad and have them sent directly to a print shop for printing and see the finished product before it is printed.

Clickar US partner Jose Marti said: “Clickar brand has sold 600 licenses worldwide and now we’re expanding into Lala Print. 

“Lala Print is your standard web-to-print with the augmented reality component built-in where the customer can generate their own business card for example and create this magical technology and experience it before it even goes to print.”

Lala also has an app, for what Marti described as “mums that are at the soccer field and want to take a picture of their boys playing and have it printed instantly.”

Users can complete the purchase on the app and send it directly to the printer. 

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