The Bigger Printing Company completes 200 panel project

By Sarah Cosgrove, Wednesday 04 May 2016

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The Bigger Printing Company has last week completed a 19-month hoarding project which has been “really significant” for the nine-staff business


Bigger Printing Company produced 244 metres of print

The Cheltenham-based wide-format specialist printer installed the last nine panels of a 200-panel project in the Lower High Street in Cheltenham, Gloucester on Friday, for the developers of The Brewery Quarter, a £30m regeneration scheme.

The development has progressed in phases working its way towards the centre of town and so the 1.9m-high hoarding boards have also been produced in phases to accommodate the changes in the construction site’s size and positioning.

Head of brand marketing and operations David Bowen said: "This project has been really significant in terms of exposure with it being such a prominent project in the centre of the town, and its duration. It’s a really fantastic project for us to be involved in.

“We’ve got a longstanding relationship with The Brewery Quarter and we’ve been quite vocal about shouting about this project on our website for its duration of 19 months.”

The Bigger Printing Company prints directly onto hoarding boards using its Canon Océ Arizona 360 XT, installed in 2012. The company also runs an Arizona 250 plus an HP Latex and an HP roll-to-roll printer.

“It’s nice and quick for us to print direct with a gloss anti-graffitti seal, which is much quicker than printing to a vinyl and then mounting the print,” he added.  

Bowen said the company also serves some clients who will occupy the site, and that it had been "a pleasure" to deal directly with them over artwork for their hoarding panels.

One, The Soho Coffee Co, will open a flagship coffee shop in the development and The Bigger Printing Company expects to print A-boards, menus, product information and some store dressing in time for its opening in March.

In total the company has printed a total of 244 metres of hoarding for the development.

“We certainly have had new clients contact us as a result of this project as it has given us quite a bit of clout. We often provide large hoarding and displays for projects that we are unable to publish on our website so we are very grateful to The Brewery Quarter for their assistance, and for the new opportunities that this project has provided,” Bowen said. 



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