GI Solutions Group restructures to reflect growing data-led services

By Richard Stuart-Turner, Wednesday 06 January 2016

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GI Solutions Group has restructured its business and senior management to expand its data-driven communications services.


Headley: "We are considering investments and new technology projects for 2016"

With effect from yesterday (5 January), the group will now comprise three divisions: GI Insight & Cognesia, GI Red and GI Solutions.

The business said the move makes it “less siloed and more coherent” and underpins its commitment to deliver a full suite of data-led marketing services encompassing data, creative and communication expertise.

Patrick Headley, who became managing director of GI Solutions last year as part of a previous senior management restructure, has now become chief executive of the group while former chief executive Robin Welch has become executive chairman.

“Robin is going to take more of a backseat. In the first instance he will be working five days a week, with a view that he will then reduce his daily time,” said Headley.

“My role now is to enhance the work we’re doing on our data side and to get more customers on board where we take their data and start looking at their customer base profitability.”

Reporting to Headley will be the managing directors of each division: Andy Wood for GI Insight & Cognesia, Darren Crawford for GI Red and Alistair Ezzy for GI Solutions.

“We are considering investments and new technology projects for 2016, which will deliver increasing sales and growth for our customers,” said Headley.

“On our output side - GI Solutions - the big question is when we go completely to digital print, and how long litho has a place in our offering. Litho is a big part of what we do at the moment with our inline webs, but we’re looking at new technology to take that more to a digital platform.”

He added: “Where our business can really deliver value is enhancing data segmentation. We all have different hobbies and interests and it’s a case of understanding the buying triggers of different people to say the right things to the right people.”

Leicester-based GI Solutions Group employs more than 260 staff and has a turnover of over £40m.

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