Flint Group launches new low-migration ink

By Jez Abbott, Friday 17 July 2015

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Swedish company The Flint Group has launched low-migration UV flexo inks for food labels and flexible packaging applications.


New inks comply with EU food contact regs

The Flexocure Ancora 50 expands the portfolio of dedicated inks to suit the growing market of short-run label and packaging applications from the consumables business. The company said the overall performance of the product will boost productivity for narrow- and mid-width web converters.

Flint Group narrow web global brand manager Niklas Olsson said: “The inks are available in the UK. We have had several converters running our Beta phase testing programme.

“They are sold direct from Flint Group Narrow Web and we have a full team of industry experts available all over the UK and Ireland.”

He added: “The ink represents good value both for printer or converter as well as the final packaging user or fast moving consumer goods company. The ink complies with demands on food safety in the food packaging and label industry. At the same time it enables printers to have a product that does not slow down with printing process.”

“This ink prints at top of the line speeds and design capabilities, suitable for a wide range of label and packaging substrates.

“For the end-user it withstands the maximum limit of 10 ppb migration of untested and unknown substances for a wide range of food applications.

Vice-president for global narrow web Guillaume Clement said: “This ink series is specially designed to support converters who print labels for the food segment.

“Flexocure Ancora and our UV-offset Lithocure Ancora are suitable for the most stringent food packaging applications.

Director of product development Dr Patrick Gavelin said: “Flexocure Ancora 50 meets the modern demands of our industry without jeopardising legislation for food safety.

“The UV flexo low-migration ink for food labels and flexible packaging applications is compliant to Swiss Ordinance SR 817.023.21 listing and to the Nestlé guidance note on packaging inks.”

The inks have passed migration tests that were exposed to the below stated food simulants listed in food contact EU Regulation 10/2011.

Dr Gavelin added: “By developing a product that meets 10 ppb migration demands using the food simulants noted, we cover a wide area of food and drink labels and packaging applications.”

Product manager for narrow web Par Olsson said: “Press performance remains unrivalled, with the highest possible cure response, high colour strength, very good adhesion to a range of flexible packaging, filmic and paper label materials.”

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