PEFC endorses CPI poll packaging findings

By Richard Stuart-Turner, Tuesday 24 February 2015

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The PEFC has welcomed the results of a Confederation of Paper Industries (CPI) commissioned YouGov poll, which revealed that UK consumers prefer their groceries and fresh produce to be available in paper-based packaging.


Gunneberg: "Consumers recognise the benefits of paper-based packaging"

The research showed that over half (57%) of the 2,289 people surveyed in the nationwide poll preferred their grocery and food packaging in paper-based material.

31% expressed no preference while 8% preferred plastic containers. 46% of consumers said they were more likely to purchase an item if the packaging was paper-based.

The findings also showed that paper and corrugated remain the most popular form of packaging for consumers in the UK, with corrugated packaging being the most recycled packaging medium.

It is also seen as being one of the most engaging to consumers due to its personalisation and colour printability qualities.

PEFC International secretary general Ben Gunneberg said: “We are encouraged that consumers recognise the benefits of paper-based packaging, enabling them to make responsible choices and to reward companies that use packaging materials that have been sustainably sourced.”

PEFC said the results underline the findings from its own recent Global Consumer Survey, which revealed that more than 80% of consumers globally want companies that source certified material from sustainable managed forests to use certification labels.

60% of those asked in the Global Consumer Survey agreed that their shopping choice for a labelled product can make a positive difference to the world’s forest.

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