Infigo Software launches Catfish Hybrid Mail service

By Richard Stuart-Turner, Thursday 19 February 2015

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Infigo Software has launched Catfish Hybrid Mail, a secure service that the company said enables businesses to easily standardise documents across print and email.


Catfish Hybrid Mail is suitable for personalised email as well as individual or bulk mailings

The Catfish Hybrid Mail system provides a centralised online store where firms can deliver a library of approved, secure and up-to-date corporate documents to their staff. Employees can then edit the documents as necessary and then dispatch by post or email.

Infigo Software founder and chief executive officer Douglas Gibson said: "Many organisations print, post and email hundreds of unstructured documents to customers every day.

“In addition to costing businesses through lost productivity, it can result in a lack of control, a chaotic corporate identity and, at worst, inaccurate and outdated communications.

“The Catfish Hybrid Mail platform is ideal for personalised email as well as individual or bulk mailings; a file is sent automatically to a designated service provider to print, fold, insert and post.”

Infigo Software said the service can be software-as-a-service (SAAS) or enterprise based, costing from £25,000. There is also a monthly free from £1,250 and a transaction cost from 25p per item.

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