Label Printer of the Year: Label Apeel

By PrintWeek Team, Tuesday 21 October 2014

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The customer wanted its labels to resemble leather-bound books, but there is no disguising the talent that helped Label Apeel win this category for a second year running.


Label Printer of the Year: Label Apeel

Text in an old-fashioned script typeface on a thick, textured substrate gives the impression of a label that has been on a bottle for years. Fine detail and the subtle emboss on the background adds to the premium look and feel for the labels for Master of Malt. Vintage stuff, according to the judges: “Breathtaking - every detail is perfectly executed”. Tarquin’s Dry Gin for Southwestern Distillery is a simple design and crisp finish. Two hits of black achieved the right density with silver foil and a spot matt varnish to ensure both bottle and label company stand out. “Just beautiful,” cooed the judges. “It proves what’s possible if you take real pride in your work”.

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Highly commended
The Label Makers 01274 681151
Label Makers’ Silex Silicone Flange Extender did all the talking - in 13 languages. The peel-and-reveal label of two layers of clear polypropylene self-adhesive material and UV inks were perfect for Trio Health. Providing instructions in several languages on smaller packs is a challenge. The solution, a ‘piggy-back’ label, was in the words of the judges “exceptional - in any other year this could easily have been the winning entry”.


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