SBF flags library closure during local redevelopment

By Barney Cox, Tuesday 14 October 2014

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St Bride Foundation (SBF) has decided to take steps to protect its collection during local redevelopment works by temporarily closing the library while work is in progress.


St Bride Foundation

A planning application for the redevelopment of Fleet House, which is adjacent to SBF, and St Brides Tavern, which is behind it, has been approved by The City of London.

As yet there is no date confirmed for the closure to commence, although it is anticipated to begin within the next year.

“There are people who are interpreting this as a really negative move,” said SBF chief executive Glyn Farrow. “It is not and the library is safe. We are trying to be as transparent as possible. Doing nothing is not an option as that would endanger the artefacts.”

SBF is currently in negotiation with property agents and surveyors to find out the exact timing of the works. The closure was deemed necessary by the governors of SBF to protect the library and the artefects within its collection during the work, which is expected to create a lot of dust. It is hoped that even during the closure it will be possible to show a limited number of items.

Farrow added that SBF was using the situation to “be pro-active and to push onto the next stage and to get the library into a better condition”.

Further announcements about the proposed closure and the timing will be posted at

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