SM Finishing invests in Multifeeder tipping and folding system

By Jenny Roper, Thursday 05 June 2014

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Trade finisher SM Finishing has installed a Multifeeder Industrial Performance tipping and folding system.


SM Finishing installs Multifeeder

The new line cost just under £100,000 and replaces several ageing Maverick feeders.

The Multifeeder will allow the company to execute tipping-on and plough-folding work faster and with greater quality and reliability, said owner and managing director Gary Benner. The kit will be run inline with existing folding and stitching equipment, depending on the specific requirements of the one-piece mailer, sachet or loyalty card tip-on product being created. 

The line consists of two feeders and a vacuum rack conveyor (VRC), and boasts a ‘bump and turn’ facility where products can be turned 90 or 180 degrees for further processes to be applied.

Of the other features attracting SM Finishing to the machine, Benner added: “It’s modular so you can add on the different feeders, it has different widths, it’s a very robust machine and you can add so much to it because it’s very long." 

Benner reported that the company did consider other options, including upgrading its Mavericks, but that it didn’t “find anything suitable”.

Benner said: “This is adding better quality combined with better turnaround times. We’re targeting new work with this; we’re approaching companies that deal in embossed cards and we’ve had new customers come our way knowing we bought the machine at the Cartes show in Paris.

“And people who saw the machine at Ipex this year and learned we already had one are now coming our way.”

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