Kingsdown becomes first UK printer to gain new ISO 27001:2013 standard

By Richard Stuart-Turner, Thursday 15 May 2014

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Bristol-based printer Kingsdown Printing claims to have become the first company in the UK to gain certification to the newest ISO 27001 standard, ISO 27001:2013.


Kingsdown's ISO 27001:2013 certification will provide additional security for customers

It gained the certification, which centres around information and data security, two and a half weeks ago and said it was a testimony to the continual development of its people, high standards and technology.

The firm's customers include medium to large businesses across the UK including charities and financial and greetings card companies.

“We’ve been in the data handling and mailing side for about five or six years so it provides additional security for our existing customers. We think it will help us attract new business,” said sales director Becky O’Brien.

Kingsdown Printing already holds ISO 9001, 14001 and 12647 standards as well as FSC.

“The 2013 standard is more centred around the objectives of the act’s information security policy. Now it’s trying to tie up your 9001 into it as setting objectives for your information security. It’s to say we’ve got a standard and these are our objectives for this year which we’re going to be measured against to improve,” said operations manager Andy Donley.

“It’s about everything that relates to your business, not just variable data like names and addresses. It’s about fiscal access, individual logins, computer security and making individuals aware of what information security is. The commercial risk was profiled as well.”

The company, which is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, employs 50 staff and has a turnover of £6.5m.

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