Agfa Graphics to unveil next gen Anapurna and primer option at Fespa

By Simon Nias, Friday 16 May 2014

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Agfa Graphics will demonstrate its next generation Anapurna platform at Fespa Digital 2014 next week, as well as a new primer option for its Jeti Titan S and HS 3.2m-wide flatbed printers.


Agfa's Jeti Titan HS with primer option will be shown at Fespa 2014

The new Anapurna 'i' series is up to 75% faster than its predecessor as a result of all new hardware and software components, including carriage, printheads, drivers and screening software.

"The machine has the same physical specifications but we use new printheads, a new transport system and there is a technological upgrade in the screening software that makes it more efficient for the same quality," said Agfa public relations manager Paul Adriaensen.

In addition to the speed upgrade, Agfa will show two new features on the Anapurna 3200i RTR, which Adriaensen said had been on the "wish list" from customers for the previous 3200 RTR for some time.

These include a dual roll option, enabling simultaneous production on two rolls of the same media type up to 1.5m wide each, and a mesh option that enables printing on a mesh without a liner via a gutter underneath the printing area that contains an ink absorbing medium.

Adriaensen said: "[The dual roll option] was expected but never been available - now we have it released we will show it on the floor; the mesh option was also something which has always been on the desire list and now will be available."

Meanwhile, Agfa will also demonstrate a new primer option for the Jeti Titan S and HS printers, which is said to improve ink adhesion on low-cost exterior display materials, such as fluted polypropylene, to extend the durability of the prints.

Adriaensen said the primer, which requires an additional printhead and ninth ink channel, would be available as an option on all new machines and as a field upgrade at a later date.

The primer itself can be applied to the entire image or "spot-wise" in specific areas. It is subsequently cured by the printer's UV curing system and is said to "vastly improve" adhesion without sacrificing maximum density or colour gamut.

Agfa will also demonstrate its Asanti workflow software - launched last year - at next week's Fespa exhibition in Munich, where Adriaensen said it would take "centre stage" on the Belgian firm's stand (B1-380/390).

"We think it's really important for our customers to use a workflow rather than doing snips with a RIP and with [other software] tools," he added. "This is why we will prominently bring the Asanti software on the centre of the booth to show people how this really improves the workflow: driving the machines; preparing your jobs with preflighting and colour management; and automatically generating instructions for your cutting device."

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