VGL reveals Olympic contract involvement

By Tom Allsop, Friday 16 November 2012

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Screen and digital print company VGL has revealed that it was behind a 3,000sqm building wrap around Stratford station, the main public transport hub for the Olympic and Paralympic Games.


Due to non-disclosure agreements attached to Olympic-related contracts, VGL, which worked with Contra Vision and CBS Outdoor on the project, has been unable to reveal its involvement until recently.

Using its Nur Fresco solvent inkjet and Durst UV inkjet printers, VGL printed Olympics-themed graphics on to 3,000sqm - 2,000sqm for the building exterior and 1,000sqm for the interior -  of Contra Vision's Backlite translucent film.

VGL’s account manager Jon Helm said Contra Vision was the driving force behind the company’s involvement in the project.

"We use Contra Vision’s products all the time but for this project the company was directly involved," he added.

Contra Vision’s Backlite Performance Translucent White is a perforated window film that allows the graphics that are printed on it to be illuminated by ambient light within a building whereas, explained Helm, with standard one-way vision products such light can cause a "burn through" effect where it passes through the holes in the substrate and drowns the image.

By using Backlite, visitors inside Stratford station during the day were able to look out and see activity in the Olympic Park through faint printed images while spectators returning to the station after dark were able to see the graphics clearly due to the ambient light effect.

Helm said VGL had since had interest from bus companies that were looking to use the same technology on their vehicles. "During the winter there are a lot more hours of darkness so it’s important not to get a burn through," he added.

He said there were currently no plans to work on other sporting events. "But the Rugby World Cup’s coming up so there could be more opportunities there," he added.

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