Print PR veteran Philip Paris publishes novel 'Men Cry Alone'

Wednesday 14 November 2012

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In 1984, Philip Paris, former director of print PR firm AD Communications, wrote a letter to the BBC with an idea for a drama about men who suffer domestic abuse from their wives.


"It didn’t come about," said Paris, "but last year I picked it up again. And even though one in six men in the UK suffers domestic abuse in their lifetime, I still hadn’t seen any novels on the subject."  

Until now. Published this month Paris’s novel Men Cry Alone follows the stories of three men who are abused by their wives, one of whom suffers from Alzheimer’s disease.    

"Abuse from partners with dementia often remains hidden and not even the victims realise they are suffering domestic violence. This kind of abuse occurs all too often without anyone finding out about it so I wanted to raise awareness about it," said Paris.

Men Cry Alone is printed by Lightning Source UK and published by FeedARead.

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