Alderson creditors owed over 5m following collapse

By Simon Nias, Thursday 08 November 2012

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Unsecured creditors of the five operating companies of Alderson Print Group (APG) were owed a combined 5.1m at the time of their administration, according to the creditors report.


Alderson Print Group collapse left behind 5.1m in unsecured debt

Alderson Brothers Printers and ABP Web left the largest pool of unsecured debt behind, owing £2.3m and £2.2m respectively, followed by Alderson Point of Sale, which owed £562,012.

Alderson Digital London and the group's trade finishing arm Don Dawson left behind the least unsecured debt at £63,611 and £64,963 respectively.

Almost 45% of ABP Web's £2.2m debt was owed to one supplier, PaperCo subsidiary WebCo, which was owed £956,805.95 at the time of ABP's collapse on 31 August, while fellow paper merchant Premier Paper Group was also hit for £527,504.

Ink supplier Stehlin Hostag was owed £117,239 by ABP Web, while haulage company Neil Taylor was left with an unsecured debt of £117,239 to ABP Web and £37,135 to Alderson Point of Sale, which owed a combined £193,806 to three paper suppliers, including A&R Board (£119,406), Robert Horne (£38,625) and Antalis McNaughton (£35,776).

It was a similar picture at Alderson Brothers Printers, where over 42% of the company's £2.3m debt was owed to three paper companies: Dixon & Roe (£532,095); Hedsor (£252,783); and Stora Enso (£183,319).

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