Systematic Automation launches Vinci 1452 screen printer

By David Ward, San Diego, Tuesday 06 November 2012

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Systematic Automation has launched the Vinci 1452 automatic screen printer for printing on cylindrical products, including vials, syringe barrels, chapstick containers and seasonal marketing materials.


Richard Sadownick, sales manager at the Farmington CT-based manufacturer, noted the Vinci 1452 features a small footprint for a cylindrical printer with an integrated hot-air dryer.

Sadownick also touted the Vinci 1452's ability to quickly switch from job to job, adding, "It’s an automated press that enables removal of the entire dial of tooling for quick replacement. Everything in this machine is designed for faster turnover."

Systematic Automation, in business for more than 30 years, designs and manufactures the Vinci 1452, which can handle speeds of 72 parts per minute and higher and is rated for continuous duty, three shifts per day, seven days per week.

"We have a global clientele, though the majority of our business is in the US," Sadownick explained, adding the company sells screen printers to both specialty printers as well as manufacturers of cylindrical products.

"Our equipment could also be used by companies who are buying the finished product that they can then private label or print for limited run marketing products," he added.

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