Fujifilm launches Acuity Advance Select UV

By Simon Nias, Thursday 18 October 2012

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Fujifilm has unveiled the latest addition to its Acuity flatbed range, the Acuity Advance Select UV


Fujifilm's Acuity Advance Select

The Acuity Advance Select features the same eight-channel inkset as the Océ Arizona 480 on which it is based, including two each for cyan and magenta, but with a different RIP and inks.

Whereas Océ's machine is kitted out with the ONYX Thrive workflow, Fujifilm said that it would offer the Acuity with a ColorGate RIP and its own Fuji Sericol Uvijet KO inks.

Gary Barnes, digital systems marketing manager at Fujifilm, said: "We feel the ColorGate RIP gives better image quality, turnaround time and colour control.

"The kind of companies we deal with tend to have other analogue and digital print technology so being able to print to a standard like ISO 12647, which you can do with ColorGate, and have conformity across the different processes is important."

He added that ultimately Fujifilm would be able to provide its own colour management capability through the soon-to-be-released XMF ColorPath web-based tool.

"One of the big drivers of that is being able to tune inkjet devices into screen printed work, so that you get the same colour regardless of what it's been printed on," said Barnes.

"That is going to be really attrative for printers who are working on campaigns that are printed across a mix of different media, such as banners, packaging, posters and point of sale.

"At the moment we can do that through the RIP, but the next step forward is to do it independently of the RIP and then all that colour management and colour control is defined within the cloud."

Users will be able to define a target using LAB values and then scan prints and upload the data to the cloud, which will return any adjustments that need to be made to bring the press within tolerance.

Fujifilm uses an OEM strategy in wide format and its partners include Inca, Océ and Mimaki. However, Barnes stressed that the company added value by incorporating its own technology, including some or all of software, ink and curing systems and printheads, depending on the device.

"We work with what we feel are market leaders," he said. "That allows us to choose the right machine for the right market and to focus on what we feel is important, which is the 'Fujifilm inside' if you like - all the technology in the box that makes the difference."

The flatbed UV printer is available in two models, the standard 1.2x2.5m Acuity Advance Select 4008, which costs €165,000 and the 3.05x2.5 Acuity Advance Select X2 4228, which costs €199,900.

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