UKAS accreditation for BPIF Colour Management Scheme certification body

By Pamela Mardle, Thursday 06 September 2012

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The BPIF ISO12647-2 Colour Quality Management Scheme is the first of its kind in the world to have an independent certification body that has been accredited by UKAS.


Print and Media Certification's accreditation, confirmed on 14 August, marks the first combined management and product certification for print to be recognised by a third-party organisation.

A survey of 78 BPIF members carried out at the end of August found that 40% were planning to implement the standard within the next year. And 35% said that the successful UKAS backing of the certification body would change their view on implementing the scheme.

However, 60% remained unsure about and requested more information before considering an independent audit to gain the certification.

The standard, compiled by BPIF, combines elements of management criterion from ISO12647-2 and product requirements from ISO9001 that are applicable to the print industry.

Under the scheme, applicants are required to ensure colour consistency throughout the production line while also focusing on reducing waste, makeready and proofing times.

BPIF head of business Philip Thompson said: "We made it fully independent so that any company printing on any type of machine, using any type of software can take part; all that matters is that it is printing to a certain level.

"Customers all over the world recognise UKAS accreditation standards and so can have complete faith that two different companies [accredited by the scheme] in different locations in Britain are going to print their brochure to exactly the same level. That’s a fantastic competitive edge."

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