Ajrowiggins launches EBS wheel to demonstrate recycling benefits

By Pamela Mardle, Monday 03 September 2012

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Arjowiggins Graphic is extending its 'It feels good' campaign with the launch of an Environmental Benefits Statements (EBS) wheel.


The wheel, approximately C5 in size, complements the 'It feels good' rally, launched last October, by visually demonstrating the savings to be made by opting for recycled paper over virgin fibres as the wheel turns.

It focuses on the Cocoon and Cyclus brands, quantifying the water, electricity, landfill and greenhouse gas reductions made when producing jobs such as direct mail, brochures and annual reports on the recycled papers.

Arjowiggins Corporate Affairs Manager Shannan Hodgson said: "This handy tool helps our customers to quickly understand the savings that they could make by choosing to print on recycled papers.

"The EBS can be tailored to individual print jobs and really showcase the commitments made by businesses that choose to print on recycled papers.

"For example by printing 8,226 EBS wheel mailers on Cocoon Offset 100% recycled paper the environmental impact was reduced by 761kg of landfill, 14,908 litres of water, 1,404 kWh of electricity, 142kg of C02 and greenhouse gases and 1.237kg of wood."

Over 8,000 wheels are to be distributed to printers, corporations and designers through Antalis McNaughton.

Arjowiggins is dedicated to promoting the benefits of using recycled paper, and recently committed itself to offset its UK recycled paper output against the total waste paper sourced.

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