Calverts chosen for Wrangler's seasonal Look Book

By Pamela Mardle, Tuesday 10 April 2012

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London-based print and design co-operative Calverts has been chosen as the first UK printer to produce clothing company Wrangler's European seasonal Look Book.


Creative agency JJ Marshall Associates, which has commissioned the last three Look Books, worked with printers in Holland to create the first two before selecting Calverts for the third.

Director of JJ Marshall Jethro Marshall said: "This is the third version of this seasonal print job, and the first time we've been able to work with Calverts on it. Translating the job onto locally available materials, managing the differences, but retaining the important similarities was a feature of the process."

The Look Book was offset litho printed, using vegetable-based inks, on Cairn Multi Grey recycled board for the cover and FSC-approved 150gsm Lumi Silk pages to reflect the "natural" feel of clothing company Wrangler’s winter range.

Intricate elements of the job included hand-folding the 8-page cover, which was blade-coated on one side and featured a left-hand opening gatefold on the front cover and a gatefold back cover.

Die-cutting was used on the back cover to create a slip to include a CD containing PR information. Calverts printed 2,750 copies of the Look Book, which were shipped to Wrangler’s Belgium headquarters for redistribution throughout Europe.

The crossover of photographs from the text pages to the coated cover stock meant that pictures lost approximately 6mm in the wing glue. Whellans said: "We had to jiggle the images to account for that.

"And all the folded edges needed to be flush so the leaflet required beautiful, accurate binding."

Marshall added: "The full bleed images on the front and back covers run across onto the first and last text pages, creating a 3-page spread.

"Maintaining the image quality across stocks was very important, in terms of colour and print qualities and binding. This was done carefully with consultation in both directions."

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