West Ferry Printers to use QIPC's mRC+ colour registration system for new KBA press

By Matt Whipp, Wednesday 22 December 2010

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West Ferry Printers is to use QI Press Controls' mRC+ colour registration system in its KBA Commander CT press when it is installed at the company's new base in 2012.

The 22 print-unit press will require 74 scanning cameras that will monitor both colour and cut-off register using micro marks which  are less intrusive.

Express Newspapers Group-owned West Ferry Printers is currently in the process of leaving its long-time home at Docklands, London, after 24 years to a new site, expected to be near Luton.

Express has ordered 22 KBA Commander CT 4/2 compact towers along with mailroom and publishing equipment from Ferag. There are plans for additional printing towers, reel stands and heatset dryers at a later stage, turning the plant into a heatset/coldest hybrid.

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