Flint increases heatset, coldset and publication gravure ink prices

By Helen Morris, Monday 15 November 2010

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Flint Group has announced price increases in heatset, coldest and publication gravure inks as of 1 January following "an unprecedented escalation" in raw material prices.


Flint announces price increases

The company's print media Europe division has said its heatset inks will increase by €0.45 per kg, coldset inks by €0.35 per kg and publication gravure inks by €0.40 per kg.

The ink giant said that raw material price increases "continue to dramatically affect" the cost of producing the products, having dominated its supply chain throughout 2010.

Fredrik Broman, vice president of product management, web print, Flint Group Print Media Europe, said the price increases only partially cover the real increase it has absorbed in 2010 and that are forecast for the first quarter of 2011.

He said: "We have been under severe pressure all year and our hope was that the short supply of certain materials and rise in costs that accelerated at the end of 2009 would be a temporary factor. Unfortunately this has not been the case.

"Ongoing increases which have been sustained throughout this year seem to be here to stay and have significantly affected the cost of our inks."

Flint Group added that a particular concern is the situation with gum rosin, which has been hit with low crop yields, low stocks and increased demand.

It added that additionally, the pigment supply chain is "being hit hard" by environmental issues in India and China, where it said many producers are exiting the market due to increased regulation.

Broman added that if raw material costs remain the same or escalate further, the company will need to increase prices again in 2011.

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