PrintWeek Awards: Label Printer of the Year - AJS Labels

Wednesday 19 October 2011

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It has been a busy year of investment for AJS Labels, but one that has seen no drop in the exceptional labels work for which it has become renowned.


Boasting both conventional and newly improved digital capacity - AJS installed a new HP Indigo WS6000 in August - the company undertakes work for a variety of high-profile clients, ensuring that, however the label is printed, the quality remains the highest achievable. This can be seen reflected in the judge’s comments, which talk of "stand-out pieces", "exceptional quality" and "intricate designs". One of those stand-out pieces of work was the extremely high-profile job it undertook for The Body Shop, printing labels for the retailer’s Love body lotion range. The design featured a multicoloured base label and a three-ply peel-and-read back panel. It required two passes through the presses, as 14 colours were printed, and great care was taken with the finely knit hearts design, with the press operator ensuring perfect registration. The second pass included three invisible varnishes that the company described as technically demanding, owing to the problems of registering something that cannot be seen. Other labels that caught the judge’s eyes were a Linco Care sunscreen lotion piece, the design of which involved considerable input from AJS, and a label for Dulux Moda paint that was printed using UV flexo technology, but which had to match the standard set by offset litho. 

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